Our Treasure Island Beach wedding photography

Treasure Island Beach wedding photography

Looking for a Treasure Island beach wedding photographer? We have been shooting beach weddings for over ten years and have photographed hundreds of weddings on the beach up and down the coast of Florida including Treasure Island.

You wont find a better qualified more experienced Treasure Island Beach wedding photography. We know how to deal with shooting in bright beach sunlight and shooting into the sun at sunset. We use 100% professional camera and lighting equipment.


Your Treasure Island Beach wedding photographer

Treasure Island Beach wedding photography Packages From $299

Award Winning Beach Wedding Photography

All our wedding packages include award winning beach wedding photography from Professional photographer Ed Morgan

  • A walk on the beach for outstanding romantic photos
  • Full wedding party and group photos
  • Sharp clear images edited to perfection
  • Full beach wedding coverage.
  • You get all the edited wedding images ready to print.
  • Included print rights

Complete coverage of your beach wedding One, two and Three hour packages. Everything you want for your beach wedding photos. Complete Treasure Island Beach wedding photography packages starting at $299 for full coverage for your wedding on the beach.

Treasure Island Beach wedding photography Photos

  • Photos before the wedding of guest arriving walking on the beach
  • Groom walking down the aisle to the alter area with any groomsmen
  • Bride arriving if possible and walking with bridesmaids
  • Start of wedding bridesmaids walking down the aisle
  • Bride walking down the aisle for the big day
  • full coverage of the wedding with different angles
  • Both wide and zoomed in shots of the wedding plus close ups
  • Wedding walking out of bride and groom walking down the aisle
  • Photos of blessing stone toss if you are having that
  • After wedding Special bride and groom walk on the beach photos
  • Group family and friend photos both formal and fun stuff
  • More photos of the bride and groom with special posing and fun looks
  • Any other special photos you want with in the time frame of the package you have picked.
  • All editing and you get the master images ready for printing.

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Why Pick Us

Experience - We have been working shooting beach weddings for over ten years on the Gulf Coast doing hundreds and hundreds of beach weddings over the years, We offer A friendly professional service. Call and talk with us about your needs for a Indian Rocks Beach wedding photography service or other beach areas.

We offer the best beach wedding photography you will find. From pro camera gear and lens to special high output off camera lighting your beach wedding will be covered the way it should be. Ed shoots with two cameras on him so he can go from a zoom lens to get all the tight close up shots of your expressions to a wide lens camera setup for all the wide shots showing your beach wedding setup and guests.

After your wedding We do a special beach wedding walk with the new bride and groom shooting romantic photos down by the waters edge using all natural light this is a fun photo session that produces amazing beach wedding photos you are sure to love.

We also include any family and friend group photos this can be the standard formal photos and crazy fun photos on the beach. The group photos most of the time will be shot using high powered off camera lighting for bright clear images.

Then More bride and groom photos when you hire us to be your Treasure Island Beach wedding photographer or other beach area you are sure to get a lot of fantastic photos we also include a second bride and groom photo session using our off camera lighting doing posed and fun creative photos many times used for framed wall portraits for your home and office. We capture your love in the making.

Shooting On The Beach Is 100% Not Like Shooting Any Other Kind Of Wedding

Many things are different when shooting beach wedding photography

  • Very bright sunlight effecting how your images come out
  • Lighting changing from one minute to the next as clouds roll by
  • Wind, Sea water mist and sand can be blowing at any time.
  • Flat wide open landscape with no place to pose the bride and groom or wedding party like other kinds of weddings
  • Everything is not traditional like a church wedding how it needs to be shot
  • Normal flash lighting dose not work on the beach as the sun is more powerful then any cameras flash system

A photographer not experienced with shooting on the beach will not be able to produce the quality of photos as someone that has been shooting like this for years on the beach. From not picking the right equipment to not having the right flash system to be able to deal with the very powerful natural sun light they will only be able to get a hand full of images worth keeping. They also do not have the experience with working on the beach and how to really shoot a beach wedding right and dealing with posing group shots and bride and groom shots of the beach.

I am sure any of them will tell you no problem but in the end you will not get the quality and the amount of in focus sharp well exposed photos you will from hiring us.  Experience working and shooting on the beach dose matter and the choice of cameras and lighting gear matters a lot.

Their are some high end Pro cameras out that will struggle when shooting in bright back lit sun light and will just not focus right as the sun disrupts the cameras focus system also for sunset beach weddings as we keep shooting as the sun is setting many cameras have a hard time or will not focus at all as the light gets lower and lower. We have no problem shooting on into the after glow of the sunset creating some of the most amazing sunset photos you will see.

Another problem other less Experienced photographers may encounter is their camera locking up or quit working as on the beach with the heat and humidity many cameras can not deal with this very well and will just shout down and quit working.

We are prepared - As your Treasure Island Beach wedding photography or other beach area photographer working on the beach from one day to the next can be sunny, overcast, lots of humidity, strong wind blowing sand, Ocean water mist blowing, Fog and haze or other unforeseen things do to weather. We have seen it all and have shoot weddings in it all.

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