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Most FAQs - For Beach Wedding Photography

How Many Photos Do We Get ?


We have no set limit on the amount of photos we take or give to you.
We shoot covering everything in the time frame you have hired us for. We then edit all the images down to all best ones and that is what you will get all the edited images no matter how many that maybe. 
We shot a lot of shots a few times so we can pick the best shot of the images to edit for you that shows the best expressions and eyes open.
Can We Make Our Own Prints ?

YES  You can make your own prints. Your wedding package photos will come with signed print rights paperwork giving you secondary rights to the photos so you can make as make prints as you like in any sizes you want.

How Do We Get Our Photos And What Comes With It ?

Currently we are sending out the photos on a thumb drive after they are edited right to you. But we are looking into ways to just let you download them yourself this would be a lot faster for you.

We are including on the thumb drive two version of the photos

  1. A full size version you can use for any printing for any size you want.
  2. A website sized version you can use for posting in social media or on websites or sending in e-mails you do not want to post the full size images they are way to big for that and the loading time for people to see them will be very show.

You also get print rights paperwork so you do not have a problem getting your prints made.

What Format Do You Shoot In ?

We shoot 100% in the camera Raw format this is much better then shooting in jpg. This gives us all the extra latitude when editing to bring out all the great colors and exposure of the sunset and beach colors.

Shooting Raw is the best quality a camera produces.

Do You Shoot Formal Group Photos ?

YES After the wedding we do shoot formal group photos in front of the wedding setup you have or down by the waters edge.

We also take a lot of fun photos as well and a lot of bride and groom photos giving you a lot of great photos from your beach wedding day.

Can We Have Some Special Family Photos Of Us ?

YES We do this all the time some special family photos of the bride and groom and children both portraits and some fun ones to. We love to see everyone have a good time on the beach and capture it all for you.

What kind Of Equipment Do You Use ?


Other the years we has used and tested a lot of camera and lighting equipment and moved from Canon may years ago to 100% Nikon one of the best moves we ever made. They produce great pro cameras and lens that shoot fantastic image quality, the best focus system for any camera brand, Super great lens that produce sharp images on every shot, camera body's that just never let us or our customers down.

We have in the past used or tested Canon, Oly, Sony, Fuji and Samsung cameras but none match the over all quality of the Nikon's and the durability of them making them true work horses on the beach.

We use only 100% real Nikon lens no 3rd party low cost lens

For lighting we have used just about every good flash system out their and are currently using a 360 watt bare bulb system.

How Do You Take Payments ?

Our one hour package is most of the time paid in full at time of booking for only $299 but if you do need more time we can take 1/2 down to lock in the date and take payments on it.  It much be paid off 7 days before your wedding date.

packages can be locked in with  1/2 down.

Payments can me made by Cash or Visa, Master card using our Paypal system or by check your wedding date is not locked in till the check is cleared. 

What If We Have Bad Weather On Our Wedding Day ?

Many times it may rain that day we get morning or mid day showers at times but by the time your wedding is set for at sunset wedding most of the time the rain has gone away and it is not a problem.

But Rain can be a problem and we will work with you as best we can moving with you to a inside location shooting.

We will not shoot in the rain or outside when their is bad thunder and lighting as many people get killed each year in Florid do to lighting bolts hitting them on the beach.

What About Wedding Cancellations ?

Because we only book one wedding on the beach on any day after you book with us we turn down any other weddings for that day.

So we do not offer any refunds on a wedding that is being canceled for any reason including bad weather as we can still shoot inside if the wedding is moved inside.

All Payments are non refundable.

If you need to move your wedding to a different date we may be able to do that if the date is still open and not booked yet.